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Interactive classes both online and offline

Thanks to virtual whiteboards and break-out-rooms, you don't have to miss out on interactive and conversation-oriented classes with a maximum of 14 participants, even in our online classes.

Dedicated teachers from Bremen

Our teachers are always happy to support you on your German language journey and will always do their best to make their lessons interactive, exciting, and lively!

Free online tutoring

In our live online tutoring, you don’t just have the opportunity to catch up on content from missed lessons, but you can also get additional explanations for complicated topics that you didn't fully grasp during class.

Become part of the speakeasy-community

Because learning together is not only more enjoyable, but also more effective, you too should become part of the speakeasy community and get in contact with your classmates.

Interactive workshops and events

With our free events and workshops at speakeasy you not only have the opportunity to improve your pronunciation and grammar, in our themed workshops you can also learn more about the everyday life in Germany.

Study German wherever and whenever you want

Whether it's morning, afternoon, or late at night, you can access your course materials and homework from anywhere and anytime.

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What type of course suits you?

Also in the evening
German intensive courses
  •   4 times a week, Monday-Thursday
  •   starting at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00
  •   15 lesson units a week
German evening courses
  •   twice a week, 90 minutes per lesson
  •   starting at 18:00 or 19:45
  •   4 lesson units a week
Also in the evening
German super-intensive courses
  •   5 times a week, Monday - Friday
  •   starting at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00
  •   Friday class online at 10:00
  •   18 lesson units a week
  •   Suitable for the language visa
German conversation courses
  •   once a week, Fridays
  •   3,5 lesson units a week
German private lessons
  •   Customizable lesson planning
  •   Package of 10 lessons at a discounted price
  •   Also suitable for exam preparation (telc, TestDaf, DSH)
German exam preparation course
  •   Prepare for a telc exam
  •   Teachers with specialised training
  •   For various exams
Weekend course
  •   12-week course
  •   Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:45
  •   Virtual classroom

Online German courses

Like all speakeasy courses, our online courses also take place in a relaxed learning atmosphere and in small classes with eight to ten participants on average. Additionally, our teachers always place great emphasis on interactive and practice-oriented teaching, where you not only listen, but also have the opportunity to actively participate in the lesson.

Learn German in online courses with speakeasy

Our online courses are available in a variety of course formats and time models, that everyone can find a course that fits perfectly into their personal schedule. In addition to our popular online intensive German courses and our online evening German courses, you also have the option of taking part in an online super-intensive course, where you can make massive progress even in short periods of time. While our regular courses take place from Monday to Thursday, on Friday you have the opportunity to improve your pronunciation and accent in our conversation course.

Do you have special scheduling requirements and can't make it to one of our regular courses? That's no problem at all! At speakeasy, in addition to our regular courses, we also offer private lessons tailored to your individual needs. Here you can not only improve your language skills, but also prepare for your telc exam.

Uncomplicated booking process

Have you decided on one of our German courses? Then you can book your desired course right now - either in person at our school or simply online. If you decide to come to our language school, our team will be happy to not only offer assistance for the entire registration process, but also to answer all your questions about our courses. Furthermore, our visa experts can also help you with your visa application and make the process a little easier. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to drop by our office or to send us an e-mail.

Business Courses in Bremen

Speakeasy not only helps private customers to improve their German language skills. We are also happy to support companies in the successful language training of their employees. Our company courses are not only individually tailored to the needs of the company, but we also allow cancellations and schedule adjustments at short notice, so that planned lessons can be changed up to 12 pm on the day before the appointment.

Of course, our business courses are also designed according to our speakeasy teaching concept., which is why our experienced teachers always place great importance on pleasant teaching atmosphere and interactive lessons for companies. Despite the high teaching quality, companies can always benefit from attractive prices and discount options for long-term bookings at speakeasy.

Our prices include not only the entire course materials, but also handouts adapted to the individual needs of your company. Working with a course book is also possible with our business courses.

In order to adapt to your needs in the best possible way, we offer our courses not only in face-to-face classes, but also flexibly online. It is also possible to book company courses for English or Spanish in addition to German courses.

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